Insult to Injury

As if the misinformation that Mr. Tapics has spread about the railways ability to handle coal isn’t bad enough already… Now we have a further insult.

It seems to be becoming more clear that Mr. Tapics does not want his company to have to pay for any infrastructure for transportation. And of course, if he were to go by rail he would likely be paying for both a rail spur and ongoing maintenance of the railway through his fees to Southern Rail of Vancouver Island and the Island Corridor Foundation.

But it gets even worse. Now he seems to be advocating for a new highway to built similar to the proposed (and mentioned here under Why Not Trucks?) Haggard’s Highway going around Horne Lake. Not only that, he seems to have the support of local political and business leaders.

The cost of this new route? $80-$100 Million!

The cost of rehabilitating the Alberni rail line $15-$30 Million.

Which do you think is the more reasonable approach?

Here’s the news report recorded and put on Youtube.

Write to your local Alberni newspaper editor, Councillor, and MLA.
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